Camp Feral!’s venue in 1998

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In 1998, I was involved with helping get a rather unique furry fandom event off the ground…

Feral! is a furry summer camp event hosted at an actual summer camp in the wild lands a few hours north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When Feral! was begun in 1998, the first venue for it to be hosted at was Camp Arowhon, which is located in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. As it goes, this collection of photographs is from a scouting visit that we, as a committee, had made to the camp in order to gather some images to use for our advertising efforts.

Camp Arowhon had all sorts of facilities that you would expect from a summer camp, as it had been running as a camp for decades previously. The original main hall, as is photographed in this collection, has since been replaced with a modern building. It may not look like much from the outside, but it had a very welcoming rustic charm to it. Overall, this venue represents the very epitome of a northern Ontario summer camp and get-away. I just wish I had taken more photographs of the other buildings around the facility.

For anyone that’s curious, seeing as this is part of my photo blog, the camera in use was a Vivitar V2000, which was a 35mm format manual SLR which was basically a modernization of the popular Pentax K1000 that was commonly used as a “student camera”. It was completely manual in operation except for a through-the-lens light meter that would help you judge what settings to use. The lenses I had on hand would have been a Vivitar 35 to 70mm zoom lens and a Vivitar 70 to 210mm zoom lens that I had for my kit. According to the package for the prints, the film was Fuji brand, 800 ASA. The prints have been stored for the past couple of decades, kept away from moisture and all. The results are relatively grainy, but that’s likely primarily from the high ASA of the film used. Sensitive films like that tended to get grainier results, of course. I still have this camera and it’s lenses, but it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve put them to proper use. Film photography simply lacks the utter convenience we enjoy in this digital age.

as the puppy grows


Ah yes. Here we have Angel again, enjoying a late summer day out in the yard. Had to make sure to take some shots of her as soon as she got home from a trip to the groomer’s. This young pup picks up dirt pretty easily, after all. She’s also sporting a new bandana acquired from the groomer, with seasonal pumpkin design and all. And in some of these shots, you can easily see the double-dewclaw that’s characteristic of her breed, the Great Pyrenees.

Still using the Canon EOS Rebel T6i, of course… and making solid use of the 50mm lens for these shots, too. Seems to me it’s a great lens for taking casual portrait shots of the dogs!

our new little (for now) Angel


Yes, we got a new puppy. Say hello to Angel! With the whole pandemic mess going on, lots of people are buying new pets to grow their families while everyone’s more isolated, keeping to themselves. In our case, we felt that my partner’s son was ready for a new canine companion, so we took the leap of introducing a new puppy to our family. It’s a big adjustment, that’s for sure!

Angel is a Great Pyrenees, otherwise known as a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. In some of these shots, you can even see the double dewclaws that are a rather unique trait of this beautiful breed of dog.

It was a cloudy evening when I was taking these shots with my Canon EOS Rebel T6i, utilizing a 50mm lens. I’m really loving this for taking casual shots of the dogs. Such a sweet lens.

life in isolation


I haven’t been pulling the camera out so often lately, but here are at least a couple of photos I took in recent months…

In the early going, felt like a small victory just to get the simple things that help us through our day… like disinfectant wipes. Never felt the need to get so many of these ever before.

And at least Willow is always around, a willing model for the camera.

These photos were taken a few months ago, but I keep trying to remind myself to pull the camera out a bit more often still.

snow glared puppy


One thing that’s always challenging about photography during the Winter is the Sun itself when your landscape’s blanketed in snow. Doesn’t help when your subject’s a stark black and white dog lazing atop that blanket of snow. Willow’s especially good at lazing, of course. Despite the snow glare, I feel these shots turned out nicely enough. The dog’s always a very good model.

Yes, you can always combat those snow glare effects with special filters and try to control it with exposure times and all, but in an artistic sense, I feel the contrasts in these photos make for a more… compelling image.

For anyone trying to keep track, which is probably none of you, these shots were taken a week ago, getting into late February of this year… 2020. I’m now pretty much caught up with posting my photographic projects from this past year. Enjoy!

let it snow?


As promised, here is Willow enjoying what was pretty much the first dusting of snow for the season. We ended up with a significant accumulation by the time it was done, if I recall correctly. This set was photographed on the eve of Willow’s first birthday.

I really like how the snow just gingerly settles on her fur, making look like she’s been dashed with a good dose of salt.